The Down and Feathers Factory founded by Wojeciech Pyżyński has been operating for 20 years, both on polish and foreign markets. Thanks to longstanding feathering tradition and access to the best raw material, we are the leader in sales of feather and down with different resiliency force.

Our products are receiving recognition both in Poland and abroad, not only on European markets, but also in China, Russia and one of the most demanding market all over the world - Japan.

Our technological park is based on modern and reliable machines from LORCH i ENGELKE, what assures highest parameters of our products and, thanks to it, satisfaction of our customers. We also take care of natural environment, by employing in production processes only biodegradable washing agents and fluids.

Our company is developing very dynamically. Year by the year the number of our, fully satisfied, clients is growing. We are going to start production of finished products, among the others, high quality quilts and pillows.


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